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Ashridge House


Project Requirements

During Autumn 2021, MultiMatts Ltd was contacted by Ashridge House. A country estate well known for its beautiful wedding and conference venue in Hertfordshire, UK.

They were looking to create a temporary car park for visitors during cold and wet weather months, whilst protecting the existing ground. 


Our E-Mat and EuroMat Heavy Duty Access Mats provided a perfect solution for their project requirements when used with a woven geotextile membrane to ensure a flat and stable surface before installing the mats.

The mats would allow access for frequent use of medium and heavy-duty vehicles. We supplied and delivered 600 of these mats and offered an installation service to expertly install the mats on-site. Ashridge House was extremely pleased with the outcome and how the mats enabled a mud-free environment for their customers!

Interested in finding out more about Ashridge House? Look no further. Check out their website today!