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Esd Kumfi Tough - 60cm x 91cm

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ESD Kumfi Tough is formulated to dissipate static electricity. Simple worker tasks - working, walking or even sitting on certain types of stools - creates static electric. Left unchecked, static can discharge into static sensitive equipment, potentially causing damage. Conductive/Anti-static matting drains static from workers, preventing unpleasant static shocks and safeguarding equipment.


  • Static dissipative anti-fatigue mat for use in heavy duty industrial areas.
  • Tough deck plate bevelled surface, laminated to sponge base for maximum durability and comfort.
  • Intregral socket and grounding cord.
  • Meets IEC 61340-4-1 (category DIF) measured resistance Rg 106-109 Ω. Rp 106-109 Ω.
  • Electrostatic charge (walking test) meets ISO6356 and EN1815


  • Overall height 14.3mm.
  • Wear resistant surface to Level 3
  • Anti-fatigue protection to Level 3
  • Slip resistance Level 3
  • ESD Anti-static


  • Compression deflection U.S. 1.4 kg/cm2 2.8 kg/cm2 
  • Foam battery ASTM D3574 
  • Abrasion resistance ASTM D3884-01 500 Cycles 5000 Cycles 
  • Static coefficient of friction ASTM C1028-96 0.81 
  • Elongation ASTM D412 
  • Breaking load ASTM D412 
  • Graves tear strength ASTM D 1004 
  • Hardness ASTM D2240-02 
  • Anti-slip DIN 51130 and BG-RULE BGR181 
  • Critical radiant flux ASTM E-648 
  • Fire retardancy DIN4102 EN 13501-1 CFL - S1 
  • Flammability test ASTM D2859 ESD ANSI
Length - cm 91
Height - mm 14.3
Width - cm 60

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