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FFP3 Folded Respirator Face Masks

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Our range of FFP3 Folded Respirator Face Masks are CE Certified and meet the EN 149: 2001 – A1: 2009 standard, they are FFP3/N99 grade and offer advanced protection compared to FFP1 and FFP2 masks.

With additional protection in mind, our FFP3 Folded Respirator Face Masks protect against materials in concentrations of up to 50x OEL or 20x APF, which is not only higher than FFP1, but they can also block both liquid and solid aerosols.

FFP3 Folded Respirator Face Masks are commonly used for grinding, cutting, drilling of wood, and painting but are also used by healthcare professionals when handling hazardous pharmaceutical chemicals and for protection against viruses.

FFP3 Folded Respirator Face Masks meet the guidance from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and are recommended for use by WHO during outbreaks of SARS, Avian Flu, and the Coronavirus.

Not only that, but current NHS guidelines specify FFP3 Face Masks for both virus and bacterial infection control when the infection is passed through coughing and sneezing e.g. viruses such as the Coronavirus.  

These masks are unvalved filtering masks and are highly recommended when the respiratory system needs to be protected. With this in mind, this means that the filtration system has been built into the fabric giving the mask a lightweight and comfortable nature.

Key Features and Technical Details:

  • 5 Layers
  • Protection against materials in concentrations of up to 50x OEL or 20x APF.
  • Filtration efficiency level of 99% and greater protection against particulate aerosols
  • Fastener design for adjustable straps
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Used for grinding, cutting, drilling of wood, paint, stainless steel but is also used by healthcare professionals.
  • Varnishing with solvent-based paint, contact with bacteria and viruses and asbestos removal
  • Protection against non-toxic, low-to-average toxicity and high toxicity solid and liquid aerosols
  • CE Certified and Conforms to EN149: 2001 – A1: 2009 Standards as well as Council Directive 89/686/EEC and associated amendments, relating to Personal Protective Equipment


To fit the FFP3 Folded Respirator Mask, the wearer must be adequately trained prior to use. Before used, the mask should be checked to ensure that it is in good condition. This means no sign of dirt and damage. You will also need to pay careful observance of these fitting instructions as this is an essential step to take with safe respirator use.

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