Please find below examples of our delivery charges, which are subject to VAT, for UK mainland destinations.

We are also able to deliver to other locations in the UK and Europe. Please contact us for a quote to your destination.

Please note: It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that they have suitable plant and equipment on site to off-load and load goods.
Some orders could arrive on an articulated lorry, therefore please inform us whether your location is not suitable.


Pallet sizes

A size pallet - £65.00*

For small sized and weighted items, up to 14 units or similar square metre coverage.

Temporary Access Mats: 14 sqm of I-Trac Heavy Duty Access System, 1200mm x 920mm x 54mm, 15.6kg


B size pallet - £65.00*

For medium sized items of about 1.5 metres, up to 30-40 units or 100 square metre coverage.

Event Flooring: 18 tiles per sqm of Rola-Trac Lite Pedestrian and Event Matting, 333mm x 166mm x 12mm, 0.125kg


C size pallet - £100.00*

For large sized and weighted items, from 18-45 units.

Temporary Access Mats: 30 DuraMatt Single Sided Access Mats, 2400mm x 1200mm x 10mm, 34kg
Temporary Access Mats: 45 EuroTrak Double Sided Access Mat, 800mm x 2000mm x 15mm, 22kg


Price On Application

On occassions, the volume and weight of products can vary like Hardwood Timber Bog Mats, and require bespoke delivery calcluations based on their specifications.
Please contact us for any POA quotes.


Flat Fee

Get the most value from our flat fee charges.

Ground Support: GP-Flex costs £40.00 for UK Mainland Delivery*.


Individual Charge

Many products have an individually charge to offer our best price, in which we calculate the available packaging area to fit items in more compact.



For many items, free delivery is available when a bulk amount is reached.

Ground Support: TR-Flex costs £40.00 flat rate for UK Mainland Delivery and delivery becomes free when the total price (ex. VAT) exceeds £500.00*.


Connectors & Accessories

Large quantities of connectors & accessories are often required to join and accompany our product ranges, therefore we deliver those at a single cost per quantity of units.

100 units of connectors or accessories costs £10.00 for UK Mainland Delivery, unless otherwise stated*.


* Price is subject to change at the discretion of MultiMatts. Product descriptions are for example only.